The Winter Project

Since its inception in the fall of 2015, The Winter Project has been through two lineup changes, released a trio of EPs, and have played a myriad of live and radio performances to arrive at today’s current iteration. Still rooted in the post-alternative, power emo vain, the band has expanded its sonic footprint to include elements of pop, punk, and forlorn emotive love songs. Thematically, the songs depict the interpersonal struggles of relationships, dreams dashed, and the hope of redemption, while never quite bringing the listener to a place of solace or resolve.
On its upcoming fourth release, entitled “Brighter Days?”, The Winter Project delivers 8 tracks of new material recorded in March/April of 2019 at Q Division by engineer Matt Alexander. The current lineup consists of Ron Belanger (bass), Ken Cerreto (guitar), John Ehrlinger (drums), Tim McDonald (vocals) and Chris Meusel (guitar). After McDonald joined the band in July of 2018, the band toured the Northeast in the summer of 2018 to break in the new lineup and get a feel for what would be the next phase of The Winter Project. Work on “Brighter Days?” began in earnest in December of 2018 and continued right up to the initial tracking sessions, with rehearsal studio tracking sessions being used to work on the material collaboratively. Topics tackled on their latest include friendships broken, unfaithful lovers, the harsh reality of middle age and a scathing indictment of the very music industry they continue to find themselves in.
Upon the release of the new record in September, 2019, the band will embark on a series of live shows and radio appearances to bring the material to its ever-expanding listener base. Previous records have been featured on a variety of terrestrial radio stations and Spotify playlists over the past year and the band is eager to have the new material out in the ether to share with existing and new fans. You can find all The Winter Project’s music on Apple Music, Amazon, Spotify, CDBaby, YouTube (more?), and on CD and vinyl at
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