CDBaby #DIYMusician Conference


We went out to the Musician’s Conference in Chicago to get a handle on some of the things we’re doing right and hopefully learn new ways to bring our music to the public in the digital age. “Cutting through the Noise” was the resounding theme flowing throughout the convention, and was the title of the Opening Keynote by Kevin Breuner.

Seems that when we were first in bands, the hard part was finding an avenue to get your music to the public, you needed to get a label, or play 50 gigs a month. Now, thanks to the digital age, and Napster causing the industry to rethink it’s revenue streams, there are an abundance of places to share your music with the public. The hard part is growing fans and sticking out so prospective fans can find you.


Great stuff from Benji Rogers, the founder of PledgeMusic, all things about giving your fans what they want, when they want it. Do you want a signed copy of The Winter Project EP? Send us an email at and we’ll make it happen! We’re looking forward for a full merchandise line too, we’re currently working more on our “brand” and we’ll have tons of cool stuff out soon, possibly a storefront on the site.

Spotify? Pandora? We learned about them and how to get stuff out there into playlists where people are listening and finding new music. Watch for our Spotify page to be popping up in the next few weeks and please add us to your libraries.

Ever hear a song in the background of a show your watching or a commercial? Wonder how they got placed there? Probably not, but we were curious. Thanks to some great seminars on Sync placement, we may soon be found playing in the background of your favorite CW show or a commercial selling Night Train.

14567366_10207349982647070_7977743719422884278_oSome wonderful thoughts from Martin Atkins, of Ministry, PIL, and NIN, on having our next LP release at a laundramat and how he’d like to take Matt’s place in the band. Bob Boilen invited us to send him our songs to “All Things Considered” and we got some SWAG t-shirts reading “”

All in all, a fantastic conference that we topped off with a visit to a BeerCade, featuring free pinball and small batch brew. Rock on!