Ron Belanger(Bass), John Ehrlinger(Drums), Todd Charbonneau(Vocals) ,Chris Meusel(Guitar)[from left]

The Winter Project is a Boston based band comprised of four veterans of the Worcester/Boston music scene. Charbonneau and Belanger first played together in Flat Stanley, a Worcester based alternative band that received international airplay and press with their self-titled release in 1992. During that time, Meusel and original drummer Matt Winalski formed The Dirge, a brooding trio who played throughout the New England club scene.

During the 1990s, Meusel and Belanger formed the rhythm section (Meusel, bass and Belanger, drums) in both The Meltaways and  The Shortsleeves. Both bands were reviewed nationally and shared bills with prominent artists throughout New England. Charbonneau went on to front NYC-based Popgun Picnic.

After a freak drill press accident, Winalski left the band to pursue woodworking interests and the band enlisted Ohio transplant, John Ehrlinger, on Drums.  With a background in progressive rock and a heavy bass foot, Ehrlinger has added a new dynamic to the sound.

Throughout the various incarnations of bands, Meusel and Belanger have shared a separate set of songs/material that originated as acoustic numbers. Some of these have been fleshed out here in The Winter Project. Similarly, Meusel and Charbonneau have co-written material together which was revisited as well. The first full collaboration of this line up is “Late”, a song written December 2015 and featured on their first EP.

The sophomore effort, Salt and Misery EP, was recorded at Woolly Mammoth Studios with Dave Minehan.