The Winter Project Self Titled EP (vinyl) (Lyrics)

$12.00 (includes shipping) Vinyl 10″ EP


This 5 song, self-titled EP contains a tapestry of characters and feelings that comes only with experience. Loves lost, promises broken, dreams shattered. Yet life goes on.

Rock music has historically been a youth movement. Sock hops, Woodstock, punk, metal, grunge, a movement always looking ahead. The Winter Project takes a slightly different approach and uses the medium to look in the mirror, and gaze into the past, to assess the empty promises of youth and life. The result is less about what lies ahead, but more about where life has left empty voids once held by dreams and hopes.

Formed in the winter of 2015/2016, The Winter Project never intended to release a record. Originally the four gathered as a mere diversion while the musicians awaited the warmer, brighter days of spring. They had no intention to play cover music and so they turned to original music they had written, alone or in pairs. And as the weeks went on, it was clear something was emerging. A unique cohesive sound, a feeling. A sense of purpose started to take form.

The band decided to enter the studio in February to lay down five tracks. Two days later, the roughs were done. The output captured something that the band felt worth sharing with a larger audience. Hence, this limited edition 10” vinyl releasing in May 2016.

Call it what you will, The Winter Project is a return to form for four experienced musicians coming back to the well for one more drink.