The Winter Project Biography

The Winter Project is a Boston-based indie rock band whose members draw from
a wide variety of influences, creating an end product both familiar, yet highly
original. The band has been prolific in releasing music, having just released their
fourth record in as many years . “Brighter Days?”, recorded in early 2019, is being
released on September 30. “Brighter Days” consists of 8 songs, whose styles
range from punk to alt country to power dirge anthems. Thematically, the record
deals with broken dreams, abandoned relationships, the trappings of vanity and
even a scathing indictment of the very music industry itself.

“Brighter Days?” was recorded in Somerville, MA at Q Division Studios. Matt
Alexander served as both engineer and co-producer. Mixing was done in Chicago
by Carl Saff. It available on CD, download and streaming.

The Winter Project was founded in late 2015 by bassist Ron Belanger and guitarist Chris Meusel, who have been writing and playing together for over two decades. Drummer Mike Demers stepped into the studio with the band for their second album, “Salt and Misery” in 2017, but was unable to commit to joining since he was already involved in other projects. Early in 2020, the drumming position opened back up and this time around Demers was ready to get behind the kick. The band found vocalist and guitarist Tim MacDonald after a lengthy search in 2018. Tim brought a familiar growl to the existing catalog of material, but also brought a different Americana-style timbre to the newer material heard on “Brighter Days?”. The band is currently writing new material and preparing to get into the studio Summer 2020.