Salt and Misery EP (Lyrics)

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The five songs on this EP move one through the trials, doubts and fears of relationships. From the abrupt sonic punch opening of Kismet to the dwindling final notes of Give the listener is drawn in to the album.
salt and misery

“Salt and Misery” was recorded at Woolly Mammoth Sound in Waltham, MA in March and April of 2017. Behind the board was legendary musician/songwriter/producer Dave Minehan, founder of the Neighbhorhoods and current lead guitarist for The Replacements.

The Winter Project lost their drummer’s ability to record to a bizarre powertool accident (true story!) just weeks before recording. Luckily, Boston is rich with musical talent and the session was saved when a friend stepped in. This brought a freshness and urgency to the tracks as the band found their footing with a new battery while in the studio.

The result is an EP filled with tension, anticipation and urgency.