In the News

“The Winter Project follows a long tradition of awesome bands to come out of Boston. They’ve got the appropriate Boston attitude and it bleeds out of their music. ”
Alternative Addiction, May 2018

“Straight out of the traps and boasting a youthful exuberance that could only come from a bunch of young bucks. There are Strokes-like riffs and a young Jam-like ferocity. This band could go the whole way.”
MP3hugger, Oct 2017

“Boston rockers The Winter Project venture into some unhealthy territory. Beginning with loneliness and ending in a limbo that makes the Facebook relationship status “It’s complicated” seem like an understatement, the band mines that interstitial space between where a romance is dead, and yet not really gone.”  —Victor D. Infante
Worcester Telegram And Gazette Sept 2017

“Classic proto-grunge with elements of new wave… Lots of snarly guitar and poppy quasi-hooks” —Francis DiMenno
The Noise July 2017

“Man, this EP is exactly what Boston rock should sound like.” —George Dow
The Noise Feb 2017

“Muscular and peculiarly pop-friendly brand of rock ‘n’ roll. There’s a great deal of heart and vibrancy in this album.” —
Worcester Telegram And Gazette May 2016