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Winter Project delivers bleak, beautiful ‘Suburban Discontent’
The album writhes and rages in the wreckage of dashed dreams and scorched futures. The band lays down a sturdy rock ‘n’ roll foundation that almost obscures the album’s desolation. There’s a soulfulness inherent in the vocals, certainly, and a vibrancy in the instrumentation, but even those serve to contrast to the ashen portrait the band presents.”  —Victor D. Infante
Worcester Telegram And Gazette, Sept 2018

“You really capture, with Pantomime, what life is like for normal everyday people.”
AVA Live Radio, June 2018

“Their punchy Alternative approach to angular guitar progressions packs their latest single Kismet with so much hype that if you didn’t feel anything as the sonic licks soar through the melodies I’d say you’re pretty much dead inside. ”
Amelia Vandergast at ANR Factory, June 2018

“The Winter Project follows a long tradition of awesome bands to come out of Boston. They’ve got the appropriate Boston attitude and it bleeds out of their music. ”
Alternative Addiction, May 2018

“Straight out of the traps and boasting a youthful exuberance that could only come from a bunch of young bucks. There are Strokes-like riffs and a young Jam-like ferocity. This band could go the whole way.”
MP3hugger, Oct 2017

“Boston rockers The Winter Project venture into some unhealthy territory. Beginning with loneliness and ending in a limbo that makes the Facebook relationship status “It’s complicated” seem like an understatement, the band mines that interstitial space between where a romance is dead, and yet not really gone.”  —Victor D. Infante
Worcester Telegram And Gazette Sept 2017

“Classic proto-grunge with elements of new wave… Lots of snarly guitar and poppy quasi-hooks” —Francis DiMenno
The Noise July 2017

“Man, this EP is exactly what Boston rock should sound like.” —George Dow
The Noise Feb 2017

“Muscular and peculiarly pop-friendly brand of rock ‘n’ roll. There’s a great deal of heart and vibrancy in this album.” —
Worcester Telegram And Gazette May 2016